Maurice Oketch - Lifestyle Photographer

Maurice Oketch - Lifestyle Photographer


 I see photo opportunities everywhere - and that is how I approach making beautiful moments. Live in the moment. As a street and Lifestyle photographer I find myself capturing moments that seem ordinary and make them extra-ordinary. I remember being at the airport waiting for my connecting flight when my eyes fell on a young couple romantically enjoying each others company and probably also waiting for their connecting flight.  

They were in-love and in turn I fell in love with them.  

I picked up my telephoto lens (Nikon 70 - 200 2.8) and I made a picture of the moment -  stolen moment, as my heart saw it.  A silhouetted picture with airplanes in the background. 

Shooting from the heart. Every image that I shoot has a story. I feel it when it happens - and those are cherished moments. That's my style.

I am based in Los Angeles and from Mombasa, Kenya. On my To-do-list: Travel the world.  Share photographic knowledge with everyone.